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Blossom and Bow



Hear what people are saying about us....



"Thank you so much! Everything was great. Made such a difference knowing everything was going to match and compliment each other! "  - Giovanna Fletcher, Giovanna's World



“These guys have got ready-made party packs with awesome themes and specially curated items, completely removing the hassle of having to hunt for straws/napkins/cups/masks/banners/tablecloths etc on your laptop at 11.23pm when you’d much rather be in bloody bed. Everything arrived ready and in a matter of minutes, we had the place looking Jurassic with knobs on.” - Susie Verrill, My Milo and Me



“This is the ultimate parental mind and kid party fixer. We’re talking everything in one box to make a kiddie party look like you’ve hired a professional with a keen eye for detail. Happy parental days” - Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka



"I was blown away by the quality of all the items - we had the Over the Rainbow theme and my daughter and her friends LOVED it. Probably most importantly, it made the party considerably easier to organise because I didn't have to think about getting all the individual bits AND it looked better than anything I could have put together myself!"

- Steph Douglas, founder of Don't Buy Her Flowers 




“Totally life-changing. Makes a working mum’s party planning easy” - This is Mothership




“Tasteful as hell” - Esther Walker, The Spike ​



"These guys save you schlepping around Amazon and ending up with an over priced mash-up of stuff that doesn't match. Any company that makes our life easier as parents is a winner in our book" - Hustle and Fox



"Blossom & Bow makes throwing an impressive party a piece of cake" - Jenny Whittingham,  Rupert and Mummy



" Everything you need to style up a party...and this isn't your regular party ware, this is sourced from great suppliers and will make your party completely unique and Instagrammable. Amazing" - Bone White China



"Blossom & Bow's themed party boxes are so cool! Saves busy mums trawling through Amazon trying to remember AND find everything they need, whilst attempting to make it all go relatively well together." - The Middle Mama